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Never enough rain, never a long enough night

It rained through the long night, the thirteenth longest night of the nearly discarded crumpled year. Polly didn’t put the kettle on. I did but couldn’t wait for the whistle so covered dry tea leaves with not-boiled-tap-water while listening to the swish/slosh of car tires; to pauses, to spatters, driblets, sprinkles, sprays, swash. In bed(…)


Short straw

He drew the short straw. Blanched. His task unwelcome. She picked the long straw. Blushed. Her task uninvited. Poem by Samuel Beckett, translated by Samuel Beckett they come different and the same with each it is different and the same with each the absence of love is different with each the absence of love is(…)


The gift of an hour

With an extra hour gifted to me at 2am last night: Visited Aruba at dawn before the powdery white sand was even warm; could see Mount Jamanota. Took the double-decker green trolley in Oranjestad. Seeing a blissful smile, the driver asked, Vrije tijd? Ja inderaad, I replied, and climbed to the upper deck in order(…)


Journey inside a terrarium

Train stations: Penn Station, Bath Spa Station, Waterloo Station, London Euston Station, St. Pancras Station, Gare du Nord Airports: JFK, Heathrow, Charles de Gaulle Hotels: Annabelle’s Guest House, Fitzroy, Montague On The Gardens, Hotel Zora, Dolce Chantilly Book launched: Found and Lost: Mittens, Miep and Shovelfuls of Dirt Publisher: Notting Hill Editions, UK – –(…)


Waiting for Androcles

There’s a splinter sunk in the spongy bottom of my foot – in front of the Medial Plantar area, close to the Pointer Toe. Trusted others have been asked to help remove it but excuses spray like mist; my plea refused. Whatever this splinter is – glass shiver, wood sliver, ceramic chip – it hurts(…)


Narrow no more

Yesterday, while being fitted for a good pair of (expensive) shoes to wear while traveling between approaching book events, I discovered (to my horror) that (unbeknown to me) I’ve been wearing the wrong size along with the wrong width of shoe for a very long time. OMG! At one time: my foot was so narrow,(…)


Didn’t get around to

re-reading Alan Bennett’s Untold Stories  promoting NNJ, PE, TWWBMBFTD or EITLR finding Japanese publisher for ASF the gym the beach John Le Carré’s The Pigeon Tunnel going through cd’s, dvd’s, vcr’s, Playbills, maps weeding the garden polishing tarnished silver wear visiting the cashmere sweater shop in the center of the earth Georgi Gospodinov’s The Physics of(…)