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Dread and Trauma (from M. Angelou)

get out of bed at four o’clock boasting and bragging second mistake, third hesitation cooking, baking grease I pinched it dumb at once no drawers   the curious and envious milled around a new kind of hot he was a stranger babies, darling babies   a kitten looking at a wolf   because I wouldn’t(…)


R von R (from R.Graves)

once aquiline in favor of Karl Marx tiny, frightened a deletion of parental affection coins instead of stamps red deer, black and red strawberries little or nothing neither town nor country R von R or adolescent lust seriously and savagely neither hurt nor win controlling his spittle one in three died on an upturned bucket(…)


Our friend poverty (from W. Borroughs)

high above the treeline Nembutal and codeine blue, colors, vistas complete bisexuality is attained spam and canned pineapples sad little park ‘plants grow out of your cock’   the same as ever now he hated it 206 East 7th Street a stamped tin ceiling like an English governess fuse the field   no toilet, no(…)


God is money (from J. Zhang)

with my fingers in my brother’s upper lip surely there smacked it back wanted or unwanted feet in the summer no one would   it wasn’t to get ahead penises looked like guns   okay Jenny odious and cruel crammed so full so so so salty   more fearful, more occupied ‘still no and still(…)


After that day (from c. N. Adachie)

the queasiness and violate too old for caning glass louvers all this beauty after that day guy’s guy a food flash in front of him head to foot acerbic one so steely erosion has in Nigeria and America another used towel perfect water arcs in summer sticky with can drive at night kissing wounds a(…)


Sad sound (from E.B.White)

normal fears uneasy about practically everything uncertainty of future transitoriness of life frailty of body sadness of afternoon distant challenge of love and sex far from problem of livelihood   in crowd but felt lonely and removed uneasiness sober and absteminous life’s ladder sad sound of piano being tuned   public television idea of excellence(…)