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Banging heads against the wall

What I was told to do by my mother when I was a child: Geh shlog dein kup en cant! (Go bang your head against the wall!) I didn’t know if she was kidding so I’d study the off-white wall, or the striped wallpaper. Did she mean my forehead? Or the crown of my head? At other times I heard her say about(…)


Joan of Arc left her card

It was stuck under my ‘SEE NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL’ coir door mat encircled by silvery lining – a business card. I bent to have a look, it was sable-black with a childish drawing of fork and knife including decorative pale-mint highlights. I bent all the way to pick it up. It felt metallic and fibrous to my responsive fingertips, almost lamé(…)


Annelies Marie

Anniversaries, hand over fist; am swimming in anniversaries. Annelies Marie, born in 1929, usually called Anne (pronounced An-na, last name Frank), would have been 88 on 12 June 2017. It’s 70 years since her iconic diary was first published. (See Life Magazine’s special issue The Diary at 70: Her Life and Her Legacy that includes a nice mention of Miep’s and my book(…)



My new book (to be published in UK in October 2017, and USA in March 2018) is presently undergoing the process of editing, proofreading, layout, subtitle-invention, copy editing, typesetting, font choosing, cover art decisions etc. etc. Back and forth between UK and me, Paris and me, UK and Paris, UK, Paris, me. The enigma of editing pull(…)



Memorial Day Weekend about to kick off. Recollections prickle, musical first, icons like Come On Baby Light My Fire, (the Doors summer of 1967) and (much later), Every Time We Say Goodbye (Annie Lennox, 1990, from Cole Porter’s lyrics), reminders of buoyant times long gone. As pre-summer peeks around the corner, that familiar wave (as always) rolls in. It’s book-ended by(…)


Yahrzeit anniversary

Rain. Gentle; a fine, refreshing mist. The universe cares for my roses and the new plantings in my garden patch below while I drink coffee and wrap my mind in the the cloudy haze that softens also blurs the skyline seen through my window. A blank reverie. The Empire State Building is lost; so is the Freedom Tower where the World(…)


Naomi Replansky

The rain poured down. The separate umbrellas my friend (Diana Jones, singer/songwriter) and I held over our individual heads didn’t shield us from getting wet, wetter, wettest. We were in a part of town I rarely visit these days. Splashing across 109th Street from the subway at Central Park West we turned up Broadway where we passed corners(…)


Lobster quadrille

In the name of gender equality, my daughter (Bluebell) tried out for and got the part of King Lobster in her school’s production of Alice in Wonderland. Never missing a moment to get-in-on-the-act, my newish lover (Opus) quoted Flaubert to her. ‘Of all lies, art is the least untrue.‘ Not to be upstaged, Bluebelle (a Swedish(…)