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Trolls bite ankles and wrists

Worse than mosquitos, discord-sowing, antagonistic – provocateurs in gnat-like swarms – trolls have been biting at my ankles, my wrists, at the tender bottoms of baby’s feet. They’ve been whining in my ears nonstop, have made a feast of my peace of mind and proven to be immune to swats including stinging slaps. They swarm in ceremonial formations, also hit-and-miss randomness. Regardless of how many(…)


New blue

Since my second cataract surgery – 8/7 – the world seems to have been washed clean. Actually, scrubbed, purified, reborn, revitalized, refreshed. In fact, I’ve fallen madly in love with the color blue. Blue (!) Blue – the visible color on the spectrum between green and violet, the Jewish color, the color (cobalt blue) of the glass on my coffee(…)


Salt, pepper, mustard, vinegar

Early one sunday morning in the middle of the 1950s, my parents piled us kids (there were three of us at the time) into the back seat of our second hand two-tone green and white Nash Rambler. We set off for Jones Beach. A small mountain of Tuna salad sandwiches had been prepared and wrapped with wax paper; carrots(…)


Eva Braun in August

[***] 3 August 1929 A day of repose. For reasons of my weight, I’ve taken an intense interest in gymnastics — especially work on the uneven parallel bars. Vati would be pleased if I compete nationally like my sister does. I have begun training with this secretly in mind. Perhaps I can win Vati’s admiration? Static stunts are discouraged.(…)


‘Attention must be paid’ so said Willy Loman’s wife

I’ve been neglecting my four most recent creations: A three year old, a two-and-a-half-year old, a two-year-old and a one-and-a-half year old. (Though all very recent, they represent fifteen years of  intensive on-and-off work.) They come to mind … but then I enshrine my time on other things. Time passes. I swallow hard and slap the side of(…)


Waterfall in the right eye

Cataract: 1. a large waterfall 2. a medical condition in which the lens of the eye becomes progressively opaque, resulting in blurred vision. Had the ‘waterfall’ in my right eye removed on monday, 17 July with surgery done on West 23rd Street, 7th floor. The white paper on which I’m writing today (two days after the(…)


In the dark, on the conch

It was pitch black outside when we woke at four. I made coffee while my guest from Santa Fe dressed, finished packing. We sat together on the conch (couch) sipping from our mugs – mine was the Tower of London, my guest’s, Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. Fifteen minutes before the arranged appointment, the driver rang to say (in an almost(…)


the smell of young tomato vines

I’ve got a patch in a communal garden across the street. In it is a rose bush that came from a small cutting taken off an aromatic climbing rose belonging to my friend Lily (now dead) that flourished for years on her terrace on the Isle of Hydra in Greece. It’s miraculous annual flowering reminds the olfactory me of the many(…)


Banging heads against the wall

What I was told to do by my mother when I was a child: Geh shlog dein kup en cant! (Go bang your head against the wall!) I didn’t know if she was kidding so I’d study the off-white wall, or the striped wallpaper. Did she mean my forehead? Or the crown of my head? At other times I heard her say about(…)