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Guest: “Capitalist Girl”

By Johanne Rosenthal (Johanne has a successful blog named, featuring her original recipes) When I sit down to relate the story of my soldier it feels as if I am relating a Bubba-miser, a fairytale, as if the snow that fell was really goose feathers, the moon in the sky a matzo ball. The Norwegian(…)


A day out with Alison

Today I had the pleasure of spending time with my favorite author, Alison Leslie Gold. We started out by shooting a Book Trailer for Alison’s upcoming novella Not Not a Jew. I set up my iPhone 6 with a lavaliere mike at a table in Brooklyn Bagels on 8th Ave, while Alison went to grab the most jewish bagel she(…)


… and I highly recommend!

Read this touching five-start review left on for The Devil’s Mistress by reviewer Jojo Rose: “Alison Leslie Gold’s fascination with the Holocaust has led her to try and imagine the inner life of Eva Braun (Adolf Hitler’s mistress). Alison sheds reality and tries to create from the bare bones of history a fleshed out(…)