• Building, rattling (juices from A.G. Macdonnell)

    greatly interested at the time his income and both building, rattling the windows quails and foie gras impressive slowness drawn away to Craven Bridge stood up for the Prince of Wales just ourselves pecking at a tree twenty per cent on anything no longer audible roared like a waterfall

  • Even the snakes ( grounds from Kief Hillsbery)

    its left hand held hundreds of mother’s threw roast beef, plum wine fish-skin sandal even the snakes all died   castes and sub-castes ‘must have vent’   decidedly melancholy old Dakar   without revulsion the insult of eight-hundred years it deserved the dilapidation

  • Visual edible (flakes from Nathan Englander)

    backbreaking chair tone deaf tales cracking carrots leaving his uncle junk visual edible turn off godly eyes j-date for the dead crude crude his terrible job   ‘in your name’ a year gone

  • Broken cough (smatterings by Joseph Conrad)

    fairly glued on my face behind me, my youth boast but barefooted bareheaded   mere clouds ‘I might be no good’ a stir or murmur ghosts of themselves   between telltale gasps just a shade broken cough nerve was gone anxious and sightless   at half speed he took it faithful breast

  • Circumcised books (pips from Alberto Manguel)

    to 35,000 books creep along the back wall shiny young more Plato these circumcised books

  • Teaspoon of air (drizzled from George Haskill)

    measure and memory to the skin or in abeyance   Ecuador these mosses largest green every teaspoon of air

  • ‘I am come’ (distilled from Jack London)

    much pearl shell wealthy quarter-caste copper, shell and pearls a good kitchen with pots the ores ‘I am come’ from heals he had dogged never was there a pearl way up off chaff water or quicksilver such clusters