• Port Stanley ( sheets from David Mitchell)

    turn dusty toad-one a pate of browny orange in Port Stanley the last thing at night yolkie gold sick, cold, old of brink   tireless, houseless, hedgeless poor Debbie oh. oh no sign one thousand things, too late   six legs, thirty painted toes under the coat of Shirley Foot’s party

  • Meet good luck halfway (cubes from Edith Wharton)

    boredom adversely tinged he strained too dark to bloom of privacy remorseful tenderness meet good luck halfway   want to cramp brains never interchange of heresies always tired of her

  • The tide, tide (nails from Anna Badkhen)

    out of the fog fingers wave limp arms along Senegal’s coastline a pale green tongue faded to pink a hammer, a knife she was here first serious smears the tide, tide

  • More nothing (bricks from Nell Stevens)

    in the way her voice carries more nothing two-hundred fifty to one even this, the heal

  • Fatter thin (ripplesfrom Nikolai Gogol)

    marrow and peas fatter forms of ague with a bottle of pickles fat nor thin whom else bilberry colored check replete with of misgiving we Russians may be surpassed

  • Tell Bismarck (pigment from A.J.P.Taylor)

    hinted at after milking their own cows cooperate with Austria much black Velvet tell Bismarck

  • Unwitting hatred (cubes from Graham Greene)

    his ether cylinders on across more Atlantic years Mr. Tench couldn’t catch plantation,no of unstable halarity that buzzard where the dead general grew green in rocking chair but them crying any dentist stupid brown eyes in the hard sunlight shoreline buried unwitting hatred had been something