• Such as clover (petals from David George Haskell)

    woodpeckers cackling by day in the shapes, colors warlike peppers   lichens and mosses fleshy flagpoles snails see   with limestone a small finger-twitch of the dance   no snail is active today in and under sassafras sapling hangs low insects account such as clover the insect sits help from bacteria another Russian doll

  • Small years (shreds of Yhsa Daley-Ward)

    and God nose to nose the last home and vain two up two down Parma Violets only four small years

  • Green tears (drops from Mike Shanahan)

    Athens mourned en masse purple, green or black patchy though before Alexander an undying Banyan two distant dots fall like green tears to the ground

  • Outsider from the inside (splinters from Ian Buruma)

    summer of 1975 the meaning of it acted as living props   long chestnut marble walls ersatz splendor construction destruction wet, toothy whiff of prewar pederasty hardly a sexual exile pink cheeks   on river banks grotesque, absurd everywhere and nowhere an outsider from the inside

  • Two souls (granules from Anna Maria Ortese)

      made everyone eight thousand lira with pink hands God rubbed salt full of wet laundry two souls

  • Repeated slaps (shaken from Gontran de Poncins)

    round shouldered with his eyes on me over the snow choosing his snow he knew his snow ‘daybreak’ he would say all the dogs were in a mist in repeated slaps round-backed, bare and armless   Father Henry has no table knife    

  • Without money (sweated from Mark Boyle)

    a tin cup it was last seen there somewhere unimportant my time living without money   first make fire friction bracken and birch bark strictly wild