• Stop bothering the dead (pebbles from Ali Smith)

    a twelve month and a day A-levels anymore introduction days were over summer, summer your chair this chair mine, not yours a man’s friend stop bothering the dead   foresters tapeworm   for eating the evidence novels tick   inflammatory and furious

  • Forty ton boulder (tidbits from Robert Long)

    springy green yellow a dish in the next room in 1919 in 1931 and finally dull two men in suits   trimmed in white no stranger to car accidents Swedish meatballs and crab pie or up street the forty ton boulder forty cemeteries in East Hampton friends leaning on gravestone from St. Paul a gray(…)

  • Of what cause, on what day (cinders from Ha Jin)

    Pound had of what cause, on what day too romantic to be believed   black embroidered her disciple white bones piled like mountains

  • Harvard alone (tiles from James McGrath Morris)

    ‘frantic to be gone Harvard alone in the original French ‘our roads divided’ ‘always against something’ ‘more red’   so dotted with Protestant Churches grace itself joined the Russian Red Cross

  • Father didn’t laugh (mutterings from Leonard Cohen)

    do not disturb e-mails inattention to neatly everywhere not enough danger   sixty-three poems   not the right to disagree   boils and blood   a hand of wind   still sweep the room   hundreds of self-portraits   water in the wine   I’m old and   one mean guitar squat above the dead(…)

  • Never forgive those flies (snippets from Jaroslav Hasek)

    one bang or several the flies used to shit on it Rudolf, suicide any murder ‘I’ll never forgive those flies’ an official idiot we get soup or did not with eight windows on each floor clearly an idiot cry, yell, jump, crawl on all fours

  • Abbas heart (froth from Ayelet Tsabari)

    and blurbs mine never is broken staircase Abbas heart ‘I like what I know’ God remembers show God aroma of Yemen soup I wish